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−Print Locations on Garments−

When considering printable locations on garments, the perspective should be from the individual wearing the garment - not as an onlooker viewing the garment.

Front Of Garments »

Left Chest

Left Chest Location

The Left Chest print area is where the pocket on a shirt typically resides. The individual wearing the garment would see the pocket on the left-hand side, while a different individual viewing the shirt would see it on the right-hand side. For garments with pockets, the print can either be on or above the pocket. A very common, very popular print location.

Full Front

Full Front Location

The Full Front print area is the large front print area that is most requested for prints on the front of a garment. These prints can take up most of the width of the garment when a large print is desired, and any derivation in between depending on customer needs. A very common, very popular print location.

Small Front Center

Small Front Center

The Small Front Center print area is exactly as it sounds:  a small print centered horizontally on the front of the garment. This has roughly the same proportions as the Left Chest, but moved over for centering.

Back Of Garments »

Full Back

Full Back

The Full Back print area is the equivalent of the Full Front print area, simply located on the back of the garment instead. This is the most popular back print location.

Tag Back

Tag Back

The Tag Back print area is a very small print area printed within a few inches from the bottom of the collar on the back of a garment. Great for small logos or accents.

Garment Sleeves »

Left/Right Sleeve

Left Sleeve Right Sleeve

Print areas on either sleeve are smaller prints, roughly the dimensions of a Left Chest print, on short-sleeve garments. On long-sleeve garments, this print can run along the majority of the length of the sleeve; most commonly used for single-color text.

−Number of Colors−

With screen-printing, printed colors are applied one at a time, in layers, so that the final color printed completes the image. Because of this, each color requires it's own individual screen, and thus the garment prints themselves are priced out according to the number of colors. When trying to reduce the cost of custom garment creation, keep this in mind and try to minimize the number of colors required to print your artwork. Our artists can assist with any needs you may have with this.